Code of Conduct

Parent Code Of Conduct

  • Absolutely NO coaching from the sidelines.
  • Parents are encouraged to cheer from the sideline.
  • Do not engage in any confrontation of any kind with another parent, referee, coach, or player before, during, or after the game.
  • Parents must allow 24 hour cooling period before contacting a coach after a game.
  • Parents must sit on the opposite side of the field across from players.
  • Parents must schedule all meetings with their coach before or after practice.
  • If a parent/family member has been disruptive during a game or practice a written warning will be issued from the club. Should this person’s disruptive action continue, the person will be asked not to attend any future games or practices. The club has the right to remove the child(children) of the parent/family member from the team. Monies paid will not be refunded and money owed will still be collected.

Parental Responsibility

  • Arrive at all games 30 minutes before kickoff, late arrival could impact player(s) starting position.
  • Communicate to the team parent or coach if you’re running late.
  • Player must be prepared for games and practices with the correct gear including, cleats or flats, shin guards, the correct uniform and refreshments.
  • Players will not be allowed to practice or play for JaHbat while wearing another club’s colors.

Player Code Of Conduct

  • Should a player not fulfill the required guidelines after being warned by the club, they will be suspended or expelled without a refund.
  • Players must train in JaHbat practice gear.
  • Bullying of any sort will not be tolerated. Player will be warned after the first offense.  Second offense will result in a suspension and/or the player will be removed from the team and a refund will not be given.
  • Player insubordination towards any coach, trainer, or team parent will not be tolerated.