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What is a Goalkeeping?

Goalkeeper, often shortened or termed keeper or goalie is the most specialized position in soccer. Designated player charged with preventing the opposition team from scoring by intercepting shots at goal.
Goalkeeping requires physical technical proficiency in footwork, ball handling (catching), shot stopping, diving, dealing with flighted balls, distribution, including ball skills necessary to deal with back passes. The specificity of the goalkeeping position usually lends itself to training with a “goalkeeper coach”.
We are dedicated to the training of the well trained youth soccer goalkeeper. Learn goalkeeper techniques, goalkeeper tactics and much much more.

Goalkeeper Training in Bensenville?

We are happy to announce our 2018 goalkeeper training sessions. Reserve your spot today.

Gender: Boys / Girls - Ages 9 - 13
Dates: April 3 - May 29 (Tuesday's Only)
Classes: 9- one hour session
Time: 6:15pm - 7:15pm
Cost: $60.00
Location: Sunrise Park 301 E Memorial St. Bensenville, IL


Leo Ayala
Phone: 630.615.9262